Competence oriented open learning for disadvantaged learners


The Costa del Sol is the final destination of many retired people from all parts of Europe. To spend the last decades of their life in a warmer climate. What seems a great idea at the beginning might get more complicated if it gets more difficult to socialize with others. E.g. when contacts move away, get less mobile or are even dying. Many times the targets also stay in their own circles and do not really have contacts to local community, learn the language or get to know the culture of their host country. 

In this way the project shall promote their intergration, their networks and wellbeing.

Challenge Tackled

Mental health and loneliness 

Target group, beneficiaries or clients

of people 55+ with migration background, expats


Connect people by engaging them in weekly walking groups

provision of contents for well-being


Combining walking groups to get people connected with content related to health issues especially mental health issues and emotional management

And with interesting visits, getting to know the host country and feeling more welcome

Unique Selling Point

 Improving well-being and mental health of targets


Prevent loneliness of the target group and connect them by sport activities 

Promote mental health and well beingby these activities and additional information

Multiplication of local best practice in other areas

Foster integration and getting to know host country


Can be applied also in other countries who face the same challenge