Competence oriented open learning for disadvantaged learners

COOL Objectives

The COOL project aims to
  • Empower disadvantaged groups to become social innovators by activating them and by enhancing their key competences
  • Create open spaces for learning and development for these target groups 
  • Create a methodology to facilitate open learning in three modalities: real life, digital space, and in open mobility learning projects 
  • Train and qualify adult education professionals as “Learning and Development Facilitators” and enable them to 
    • create and curate open learning spaces
    • plan and implement design thinking and creativity techniques in learning projects and 
    • develop agile and creative project development and management skills 
    • facilitate collaborative design-based learning
Target Groups
  • Disadvantaged learners in the European adult education sector 
  • Trainers and other educational staff involved in different types of educational activities and courses for disadvantaged learners