Competence oriented open learning for disadvantaged learners

Funding of COOL L&D Projects

The Funding Mechanism to support COOL Learning & Development Projects

As part of the project, a support mechanism was introduced together with the reveal association that also enables small local projects to plan and implement their active citizenship projects.

Basic principle:

  • The reveal association was already founded in 1980, however adapted its statutes in 2017 to become the European Network to promote informal Learning and Development projects.
  • Following it’s motto is “..because learning happens everywhere!” reveal supports initiatives which create non-formalised learning to create personal, professional and community development, following humanistic values and a holistic learning approach.
  • Since 2021 the reveal association has been supporting local projects and initiatives which follow an open learning approach with a focus on the development of a culture of sustainable development, according to the SDGs.
  • If your projects are in line with these values please approach us with innovative and sustainable ideas for open learning and development projects and quantify your demand of funding. The support may range from 200 to 5.000€ and will be calculated on a co-funding basis of 75-90%.
  • Our board members will decide on basis of available resources and on originality and professional quality of the application.

How to apply?

The basic prerequisites for funding are

  • the application of the COOL methodology in project design with the aim of developing concrete prototypes
  • the description of the projects using the enclosed template, so that competence-orientated planning and validation is possible
  • the use of the COOL exhibition tools and templates.

Get the templates!