Competence oriented open learning for disadvantaged learners

COOL Activities

To achieve this we will:
  • Curate the COOL Exhibition: The COOL Exhibition is a growing virtual, multimedia compendium. It curates good practice examples of existing open learning approaches. The Exhibition contains materials, meaningfully clustered, which are easy to use, appropriate for different adult education contexts, and easy to connect to different competence-oriented tasks and assessments. LINK zur Ausstellung
  • Develop the COOL Facilitation Approach: The COOL Facilitation Approach is based on the Competence-Oriented Learning and Validation methodology and includes a set of planning and validation tools that are particularly suitable for learning and development professionals and those who facilitate ‘open learning’ with a focus on disadvantaged adult learners.
  • Plan and Deliver the COOL Training and the CPD programme: The COOL CPD programme is a qualification for trainers and adult educators who want to become “Learning and Development Professionals” and create and design open learning spaces in the three modalities (face-to-face, online, mobile) and plan and deliver “Design Based Collaborative Learning”. 
  • Create the COOL Virtual Learning and Development Space: The COOL Virtual Learning and Development Space consists of a comprehensive platform system with a) an open learning space with learning and facilitation offers, b) a matching platform for Learning and Development Professionals and their “clients” and local projects and c) a specific web-based interface linked to a mobile application for open learning in mobility.