Competence oriented open learning for disadvantaged learners

SLACC – Stop Lies Against Climate Change

… climate change is not man-made. The climate has always been changing after all. Climate change is a lie to promote certain interests …. There is a huge stream of disinformation and fake news aimed at confusing public opinion and raising doubts about the existence of climate change. This is where the SLACC project comes into play. SLACC aims to equip young people with the necessary skills to specifically tackle climate lies and act as climate ambassadors. To this end, interactive exercises, a gamified platform and a learning App were develop.

Challenge Tackled

Young people are acting as climate ambassadors to fight climate lies and encourage other (older) generations to adopt climate-friendly lifestyles.

Target group, beneficiaries or clients

Educators and youth workers

Young people


SLACC gamified training activities and App: Young people will be trained to become climate ambassadors – people who are critical of climate lies, who can make arguments to debunk them, and who can make their voices heard, persuade others and ultimately get others to act in a climate-friendly way.


Young people are empowered to become climate ambassadors who ‘educate’ other (older) generations.

Unique Selling Point

SLACC combines online (gamification) approaches with face-to-face methodologies to empower young people in a playful and interactive way.


The mobile app and learning activities will empower young people to expose distorted facts and populist distortions among their parents and grandparents and motivate them to live more climate-consciously.


SLACC can be used with many different groups – the project addresses youth workers and young people, but already in the piloting phase the activities have been implemented with e.g. high school students, young people, migrants … in all kind of courses.


Compilation of climate lies

SLACC online training for youth workers

SLACC game for young people

Check your ambassador’s competences