Competence oriented open learning for disadvantaged learners

Empowering Learning and Development Professionals

We are delighted to announce the launch of our online course on the Moodle platform. This course aims to qualify learning and development professionals as ‘Facilitators for Open Learning’, enabling them to create inclusive and effective learning experiences. The course consists of the following modules:

  • COOL LEVEL5 approach: A holistic approach to plan and deliver competence-based learning in informal and non-formal contexts
  • COOL Competence-oriented learning and validation: Focusing on competence-based learning and validation methods
  • COOL Facilitation of Design Thinking workshops: Equipping facilitators with tools and methods to guide learners through the design thinking process.

You can embark on a journey of professional growth and empowerment and access our online course on the Moodle platform and discover the transformative power of open learning: COOL Online Course.

The course is currently available in English and will be translated into all partner languages.