Competence oriented open learning for disadvantaged learners

Life is a beach

As part of its training initiatives, INSUP involves young participants in awareness actions like beach cleaning.

As if sea pollution was not sufficient, new hazards like forest fires have added up to the list of man-made affections to nature.

This exhibit was created after a beach cleaning workshop conducted by a group of civic service volunteers.

After the devastating fires of the summer 2022, it aims to raise awareness on the urgent need to reduce the negative impact of humans on nature.

Challenge Tackled

The challenge is to alert on the destruction of nature by human activities and the need for emergency action to stop the disaster for sustainable communities..

Target group, beneficiaries or clients

All citizens aged 3-99. 

The message addresses each and everyone of us. Whatever our age, interests and concerns, we are part of nature and engagement is key to limit our impact to the minimum.


Active individual and collective participation in environment protection activities 

Education to the environmental risks promoted by human activities

Training to activities meant to promote sustainable environment: dissemination events, exhibitions, community workshops and proposal of immediately applicable models.


This type of action is not an innovation per se, what is new is the emergency to act. 

Unique Selling Point

 The satisfaction of an individual and collective contribution to positive change.


The impact lies in immediate action and the before/after effect of nature cleaning. The activity is accessible to all, and collective action is the opportunity for quick multiplier effect.


This project is easily and immediately transferable in other countries, communities a contexts.

Contact Person:

Gisèle Massol, Contact with course coordinators.