Competence oriented open learning for disadvantaged learners


VORTOJ is an educational game that combines learning languages, music and rhythm, competitiveness, and physical jumping activity on the dance pad. Pupils attending primary elementary school will learn new vocabulary, practise grammar and discover pronunciation in this new game that complements formal language learning. The enhanced knowledge of the foreign languages and digital literacy that students gained at a young age will better their cultural understanding and interconnectedness, as well as improve their employability in the long run.

  1. Challenge Tackled
    • The reason why we came up with the innovative, interactive and multilingual game Vortoj is to address the key priorities of
      the new EU Erasmus+ Programme such as multilingualism and enhancement of the digital skills among pupils and
      teachers. Multilingualism has been one of the most defining aspects of the EU since its establishment. The motto “united in
      diversity” clearly demonstrates that the EU perceives the enhanced knowledge of the foreign languages among its citizens
      as a necessity as it has a positive impact on their employability as well as the cultural understanding and
  2. Target group, beneficiaries or clients
    • Our primary target group is made mainly of pupils, who are attending primary elementary schools whether formal or
      informal. The teachers will be our secondary target group as they can use Vortoj to find out crucial information about their
  3. Solution
    • Interactive language learning game
  4. Innovation
    • There is a significant lack of games which would unite the following combination of activities: learning languages, listening to music and its rhythm, competitiveness, and physical jumping activity on the dance pad.

  5. Unique Selling Point
    • Funny, practical, easy to use, effective in education

  6. Impact
    • Impact on learning processes

    • Impact on learning for children with learning disabilities

  7. Feasibility/Transferability
    • The product is transferable language learning, in particular to school education at primary and secondary level

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