Competence oriented open learning for disadvantaged learners

Climate Box

Climate change and climate-friendly actions are some of the most important, yet complex and confusing topics we have today. Scientific jargon, complex data, and contradicting theories are everywhere, from news, and social media to scientific publications.

Climate Box sees the confusion and the inaccessibility of digestible knowledge on climate change for an Average Joe, and more so, a “Below- Average Joe” – the socio-economically disadvantaged groups and low-educated adults. Climate Box provides ready-to-use micro-learning units, which adult educators can easily integrate into their courses to increase climate awareness and motivate their participants to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle. Are you ready for some unboxing? 

  1. Challenge Tackled
    • Bringing climate change closer to those who are unable to care about it because of their living situation.
    • Bringing the topic to where people learn anyway
    • Bringing the topic home and implementing it in such a way that people can relate to it and feel they can also do something – overcoming helplessness.
  2. Target group, beneficiaries or clients
    • Trainers that work with adults in various learning contexts
    • Adult learners
  3. Solution
    • Provide feasible ideas and practical approaches on climate protection needed to reach those who may not have access to relevant information and do not know how or where to start.
  4. Innovation
    • Learning activities for Face-to-Face and online settings without moralising as well as accompanying interactive app
  5. Unique Selling Point
    • Address people whose first priority is not necessarily climate change but who have to master their everyday life at a first place
  6. Impact
    • Raising awareness and empowering adults and sparking their interest in climate-related issues and … finally … Changing their behaviour
  7. Feasibility/Transferability
    • Climate Box can be used with many different groups – the project addresses disadvantaged adults, but already in the piloting phase the activities have been implemented with e.g. high school students, young people, migrants … in all kind of courses.

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