Competence oriented open learning for disadvantaged learners

KYR - Know Your Rights

Migrant workers are the most vulnerable groups when it comes to exploitation in the workforce. One of the reasons is that migrant’s lack of information about their rights and labour legislation. “KYR – Know your rights” provides useful information in one place for migrants about their working rights in selected country (Iceland, Lithuania, Spain, Cyprus and Austria) in most spoken migrant languages, as well as, creates processes and good practices which can be further disseminated by the peers to their local group.

Challenge Tackled

How to reduce the exploitation of migrant workers in the workforce and create their support network?

Target group, beneficiaries or clients

Migrant workers 

Workers unions

Public bodies

Migrant groups, etc.


Platform which consists of information on migrant rights in the workforce in different languages addressing different groups of migrant workers, and contacts of peer mentors for further communication.

Training program to train learners so that they can become peer trainers, and transmit the knowledge acquired about the labour market and the rights and obligations of workers to other members of their community.


“Know Your Rights“ platform – a open educational resource in different languages addressing different target groups of migrant workers. 

A peer mentoring workshop followed up with their involvement in content development.

Unique Selling Point

Information accessible in one place in most spoken migrant languages.

Information also provided in an attractive video format. 

Peer mentors for transmitting the knowledge about the labour rights and support their community members. 


Trained peer mentors.   


It can be adapted and used in employment services or other public institutions.

One of the videos produced during the project: