Competence oriented open learning for disadvantaged learners


Kontakten is an interactive, lively meeting place and an active association center that has nice and functional premises in Gottsunda Kulturhus. The Kontakten should stimulate democratic forms such as participation and influence, inclusion and integration as well as stimulate empowerment and organization. The Kontakten wants to strengthen civil society and contribute to district development in Gottsunda/Valsätra. Together, we create larger contact networks for you and your association and we enable meetings between people and cultures. Collaboration is central to Kontakten’s operations, collaboration means that resources reach more people.

Challenge Tackled

The conditions for taking part in society’s resources are unequal. One of the reasons is the lack of functional integration. Many fall outside due to lack of language skills, weak or no connection to the labor market or own cultural structures. Young adults in the risk zone, non-European women, new arrivals are some of the target groups we meet in the business. We adapt activities and programs to meet the needs of these.

Target group, beneficiaries or clients

Women (over the age of 20, especially those who are in our ethnic associations or participate in peer circles or apply to us because they have their own business idea); 

Immigrant (members from Somalia, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Palestine, Syria, Iran, Iraq, Sudan and Afghanistan);

Adults outside association (opportunities to grow and where everyone’s experiences and opinions are taken seriously);

Young adults (encouragement of the natural commitment and creativity among young adults).


Kontakten wants to be a meeting place where everyone’s equal value is taken care of and that we give people opportunities to create their role models for lifelong learning. Kontakten has 3 main types of services which they provide for people:  

Learning Swedish (Speaking Cafe);

Applying for job, internship, education;

Forms in Swedish.


In public education pedagogy, the influence of the participants is central. Everyone’s right to education is indicative. All participants contribute to a common knowledge and everyone’s experience must be used. This pedagogy and approach to participation permeates our way of working.

Unique Selling Point

A meeting place for many – everyone with different wishes and visions;

All activities are free and voluntary;

Leaders and lecturers from different languages ​​and cultures as inspirers and role models;

Information material in different languages.


Empowered women and immigrants;

Inspired and motivated adult learners to grow;

Encouraged young adults to think independently and are trained in turning ideas into action.


All activities are free of charge and conducted by volunteers. The Kontakten and its materials are opened to everyone, who are interested in their social, civic and entrepreneurial development. 


Address: Gottsunda Centrum, Uppsala, Sweden, 75650

Mobile: +46 18 19 46 08


John Nealis

070- 764 25 02 (Direkt)