Competence oriented open learning for disadvantaged learners

ForProve Theatre

Theater in education, especially in non-formal education, can be used as a stimulus for depicting real life situations by artistic approaches and at the same time giving direct and indirect decisions for them. ForProve theatre project seeks to reduce high unemployment rate among young people by offering a new method called ForProve theatre for entrepreneurship stimulation.

Challenge Tackled

Reduce high unemployment rate among young people in the EU.

Target group, beneficiaries or clients

Youth workers who work with youth at the threshold of work, newly employed and NEETS

People between 16 and 30 years who are unemployed; are actively seeking employment; have been recently employed; new and soon to be graduates


A method called ForProve theatre. It is based on the combination of two kinds of theatrical models: Improv Theater and Forum theatre. The ForProve theatre method is addressed to the business world: aims to support young people in gaining transversal skills that will help them find a job and improve and sharpen their work skills.

24 youth workers from 6 EU countries (Bulgaria, Spain, Italy, Poland, Croatia and Lithuania) trained on how to implement the ForProve theatre method and the products created under the project.


Creation of innovative method for stimulation of the entrepreneurship, leadership and transversal skills - ForProve theatre.

Unique Selling Point

The developed training methodology which stimulates entrepreneurship by providing new way for problem solving, making decisions, improvisations in different situations and thinking “out of the box”.

A Visual Guide on ForProve theatre, representing the new method in action step by step.


The youth entrepreneurship stimulation will lead to the reduction of the youth unemployment in a long-term.


The project products are free for usage for everyone interested in the field of non-formal education. (Visual Guide on ForProve Theatre Method)