Competence oriented open learning for disadvantaged learners

Flip! Put yourself in their shoes

Changing perspectives on integration… 

Flip the roles!

Flip is an innovative open learning space which combines treasure hunts and a community event. By flipping the roles of refugees and members of the host country, it will raise consciousness of the struggles and critical situations faced every day.

Challenge Tackled

Missing connection between hosts and refugees

Misunderstanding of the situation of refugees: 

Administrative procedures


Difficulty accessing food 

Difficulty accessing accommodation

Difficulty accessing medical aid (mental, physical)


Target group, beneficiaries or clients

Target group / primary beneficiaries:  Members of the host population

Secondary beneficiaries: Refugees


Flip – Role play treasure hunt to understand better the situation of a refugee.

Procedure 1: Consult the role flip card

Procedure 2: Reflexion at the end with the facilitator

Community event (Refugee Bonfire) to create connections between refugees and the members of the host population.


The switching of roles 

Involving Refugees in the process

Role flip cards with role and description

Unique Selling Point

Two formats of events coming together

Role flip


Creating a connection between hosts and refugees

Gaining understanding of the situation of refugees


Sectoral transferability

Local transferability