Competence oriented open learning for disadvantaged learners

ECO Race

The ECO Race initiative is a 60-day game where players are invited to compete with other players, answer questions, increase their knowledge about themselves and the environment they live in, and win attractive prizes.

Anyone can take part in the game. Participants have the opportunity to win increasingly valuable prizes each time they reach an appropriate level. The winners are chosen by lot.


Learning is one of life’s most valuable skills.  But adults usually forget that one of the best and easiest ways to learn is to play.

Target group

Adults and others


ECO Race is a project initiated by the Public Enterprise Deposit Scheme Administrator to provide an attractive and engaging way to

to educate and inform the public about environmental protection and to encourage them to become part of the circular economy – to sort, use deposit system and be a responsible member of society.


Learning by playing, i.e. actively participating in the game. A game AppEKO lenktynės (ECO Race)” is created.

Unique Selling Point

A game AppEKO lenktynės (ECO Race)” (see in Goole Play Store) (


ECO Race 2022 attracted more than 30,000 players from all over Lithuania. 500 questions were prepared especially for the game, covering the impact of human activity on the environment, climate change, nature, technology and the circular economy.

Head Gintaras Varnas

VšĮ Užstato sistemos 

Tel.: +370 5 203 1210