Competence oriented open learning for disadvantaged learners

E-DESIGN: European Digital Education for Social Inclusion and Global neighbourhood ICT Training Hotspots - Decentralized structures of digital education

E-DESIGN and the ICT Training Hotspots developed through the project, aim at increasing social inclusion and combat social inequalities among disadvantaged groups, especially migrants and refugees, through strengthening their digital competences in order to enhance their labour market opportunities and social participation.

Challenge Tackled

Improving access to ICT training and strengthening digital competences of disadvantaged groups.

Target group, beneficiaries or clients

Disadvantaged groups


Establishment of 6 decentralized structures of digital education, called ICT hotspots, on different topics (Microcontroller ; Web-development ; Internet of things ; 3D printing)


Participants had the opportunity to build their own projects through these ICT hotspots.

Unique Selling Point

Task sheets allowing the learning of different digital topics but also transversal competences such as problem solving, design thinking and communication.


Increasing social inclusion and combat social inequalities among disadvantaged groups.


Activities have a European dimension and the ICT hotspots could be implemented in different contexts and for different subjects.