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Youth World Music Orchestra

The Youth World Music Orchestra, founded in 2016, is a special project of mediating and artistic work. It is an ensemble that explores music from cultures around the world.

The Youth World Music Orchestra is an integral part of the Centre for Intercultural Music. The members of this ensemble are young and already well-trained musicians between the ages of 15 and 25. The repertoire so far includes music from Africa, Indonesia, India, Turkey, France, Sweden, Russia, works of European classical music, pieces from the fields of rock/pop/jazz, new music and much more.

The Youth World Music Orchestra are: Lasse Becker, Yiming Deng, Tamina Fohrmann, Arthur Freye, Jiawen Guo, Jiaxi Huo, Yuhze Jiang, Ekin Kizilirmak, Frieder Krauss, Milena Lenger, Laura Ng, Imke Ortmann, Nauradhia S. Permahati, Jannis Riß, Lisa Schaumburg, Karlotta Seybold, Jannis Strasser, Franz Wagner, Ilka Wienhues, Sebastian Winger