Competence oriented open learning for disadvantaged learners


“You cannot really know where you are going, until you know where you come from.”

This exhibit is the fruit of 6 months of collaborative creation work carried out by a group of 15 course participants aged 18-25 from the suburbs of Bordeaux. These young people, from migrant or socially disadvantaged families, have often had a hard time in school and are invited to join the project as part of “Town policy initiatives”. The purpose is to engage them in a socialization and creative project to reconcile them with the use of French language through reading, acting, the writing a personal narrative, poetry and personal texts. They are also invited to use multiple art forms as an unfamiliar form of expression: drawing, painting, digital creation… The sum of their work is gathered in an exhibition and in common album published in 2000 copies and distributed in the municipalities where they live. The inauguration of the exhibition is the opportunity for them to display, explain and share their creations with the public representatives, the general public and their families. The publication of the album and the exhibition are the opportunity to valorize their talent and increase their self-confidence.

In a second phase of the project, the participants also attend guidance modules and do internships in host companies to determine their professional project.

Challenge Tackled

The challenge of this project is to engage NEETS in a 6-month artistic and creative project to foster their (re)socialisation, personal skills and collective engagement as citizens, and to encourage them to work on a guidance and vocational project.  

Target group, beneficiaries or clients

NEETS aged 18-25 from disadvantaged urban or peri-urban municipalities

School-droppers not involved in an educational or vocational project.

Young people from families with economic and social integration issues

Newly-arrived migrants with variable levels of command of French.


The training offer consists in a 6-month pathway during which the participants are involved individually and as a group in artistic creation in various disciplines:

– Creative writing, poetry and other linguistic activities to increase their literacy and communication skills, to verbalise their personal life history

– Different forms of artistic creation for personal expression: painting, drawing, photography, digital creation…

– Involvement in a group project for team building, self and collective awareness, enhancement of personal and social competences, valorisation of their skills and experience, valorisation of diversity.

– Work on active citizenship, personal and group identity, relations to others, communication

– Organisation of a dissemination event: exhibition, performance, prize awards in the presence of their families to rebuild connections, restore pride and mutual support. The exhibition is also the opportunity for social public recognition.

– Publishing of a high-quality artistic album to valorise the participants’ creations. 


The perspective of the project is that art is accessible to all, belongs to all and that we can all create art. Through an unusual form of expression, the participants reveal themselves and find solutions to their personal and vocational issues.

Unique Selling Point

Through its different activities, the project contributes to individual and collective story-building, socialisation, advancement and valorisation of diverse origins, cultures and identities.


Young people initially reluctant to engage in an educational or guidance project regain motivation and become active in a personal professional and vocational inclusion plan, supported by boosted self-esteem.


This project is easily and immediately transferable in other countries, communities and contexts.