Competence oriented open learning for disadvantaged learners


The project shall tackle the low interest and know how about other countries and how languages or other skills in regards to internationalization and adapting to other context may improve future professional chances.

The project aims to raise interest by a treasure hunt approach which makes it more attractive for young people to investigate what EU has to offer them.

Challenge Tackled

Compared to other countries who have a higher internalisation rate of their population, there is low interest of youngsters in the south of Spain for other countries of Europe; Internationalisation is not seen as chance for the future; there is few awareness for professional chances in this context;

Target group, beneficiaries or clients

Young people aged 18-30


Raising interest for this topic by creating online challenges in form of treasure hunt with quizzes, etc. which create interest to see and experience the spots in real life, understand more about Europe and other countries. 

Providing relevant information on other countries, but also on where to find relevant information on opportunities to do volunteer ship there, to study abroad or to work abroad. Linking the topics to relevant information so that it is easier for young people to find and navigate to relevant content. 


Combination of gamified challenges of different partner countries with promoting opportunities under ESC and youth exchanges, study exchanges and job opportunities abroad. 

Unique Selling Point

Attractiveness to create interest

Provide relevant information


raise of interest of young people to travel and experience other countries and cultures

Raise understanding for different values and needs

Raise interest to travel and work abroad to gain more professional experiences and better job changes


This might be interesting for all countries, where EU is not a big issue for young people and create more chances for their youngsters.