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Lyre 2.0

“In the deep still woods upon the Thracian mountains, Orpheus with his singing lyre led the trees, led the wild beasts of the wilderness.” – Orpheus and Eurydice.

Have you ever wondered about the sound of an ancient lyre when you read mythology and ancient hymns?

Reviving a lost sound, Lyre 2.0 rebuilds and recreates the ancient Greek Lyre based on ancient sources, depictions on amphorae and limited but valuable archaeological finds. The latest 3D technology allows Lyre 2.0 to replace real tortoise shells with synthetics materials. The rest of the Lyre is built using only materials available during the antiquity such as leather for the soundboard, metal for the tailpiece, animal’s guts for the strings and wood for the arms. More than a musical instrument, Lyre 2.0 symbolise the harmony of cultural heritage and technological advancement.