Competence oriented open learning for disadvantaged learners

A dynamic platform for learners and learning providers

We are pleased to share that the PROVIDE platform – one of the outcomes of the COOL project – has been completed!

PROVIDE shall support learners and learning providers to better navigate the vast landscape of learning opportunities. The questions of when, where, and what to learn often make the search for the right course a challenging task. Similarly, for learning offer providers, expanding beyond their current horizons and attracting new learners can feel like an uphill battle.
This is where PROVIDE steps in, bridging the gap between adult learners and learning offer providers.
The “Erasmus Plus KA1 Mobility Project” supports staff and learners in school education, vocational education and training, and adult education to participate in learning opportunities aboard. These opportunities include short-term courses, job shadowing and conferences.

At PROVIDE, we are bringing together all the key players of the KA1 Mobility Project – learners, the organisations that support them, and the learning offer providers – into a single, accessible platform. Organisations can post their learning offers or demands that will reach a wide range of audiences across Europe thanks to the vast network that we have.

PROVIDE’s vision extends beyond mere matching. We aspire to create an ecosystem for the KA1 Mobility Project, fostering collaboration and synergy among stakeholders across Europe.

… after all the learning happens everywhere, home or aboard.

If you want to post an offer and/or become partner, please register here!